Nephrology Congress Curacao 2023

Nephrology Congress Curacao 2023

09/03/2023 tot 12/03/2023

NASKHO and the department of Nephrology of the Curacao Medical Center are honored to invite you to the:

Nephrology Congress Curacao 2023
Prevention – Diagnosis – Therapy According to the National Kidney

Foundation (US) 10% of the population worldwide is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD) (March 2015). The USRDS Annual Report 2017 states that Curacao is ranked 2nd in the world (between Korea and the US) in the the incidence of ESRD patients on kidney replacement therapy and the number of dialysis patients.

Kidney failure is still one of the most common disorders on Curacao and during this congress, which will be held from March 9 until March 12, 2023 extensive attention will be paid to:

• Prevalence and prevention
• Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and other causes of renal failure
• Different types of kidney replacement therapy
• Statistics and the costs of renal failure for Curacao

This conference aims to be an interactive meeting where your input is important. With the help of workshops and online polls, we will use your expertise and experience to make this meeting a memorable one. One of the goals we have set ourselves is to make a start reducing the number of at-risk patients and thus reducing the pressure on healthcare. A healthy population benefits everyone!

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This congress will be hybrid so you can participate two ways; from the comfort of your hom