Wetenschappelijk Najaarssymposium NFN

Wetenschappelijk Najaarssymposium NFN

Congrescentrum Corpus Leiden

The program of the Scientific Fall Symposium 2018 of the Dutch Federation of Nephrology is now available! De NFN Scientific Fall symposium is part of the Science day (“Wetenschapsdag”) organized by the NFN, Nierpatiënten Vereniging Nederland, Niernieuws.nl, Willem Kolff Stichting and Nierstichting Nederland, on Friday October 12 in Oegstgeest (Leiden).
The attractive scientific program of the NFN Fall meeting features:

  • Oral abstract presentations
  • Poster Highlights
  • Poster abstract presentations
  • Significant prizes

The full program and abstracts can be found on the website of the Dutch Federation for Nephrology (NfN): http://www.nefro.nl/  

Important practical matters:

 Language  English

 Corpus Congress Center

 Willem Einthovenstraat 1

 2342 BH Oegstgeest (Leiden)

 The Netherlands

 Welcome  09.00 hours
 Start Program  10.00 excactly
 End program  16.00 hours



Due to the increased interest there will be this year an online registration for The NFN scientific fall symposium via (https://www.lrprojects.nl/inschrijfformulieren/wetenschappelijke-najaarsvergadering-van-de-nfn/individual-registration ). We kindly ask you to register prior to the symposium. Nevertheless, on-site registration also remains possible. Importantly, both online and onsite registration remains free of costs and a free lunch is included.
We hope to welcome you on October 12th in Oegstgeest!
Tom Nijenhuis
Johan van der Vlag
(Secretaries Scientific Board NFN)