Bernd Tersteegen Award 2015

Bernd Tersteegen Award 2015

dinsdag, 12 mei, 2015

Dr. Bernd Tersteegen, the founder of the Verband Deutsche Nierenzentren(DN) e.V., was dedicated to the improvement of outpatient treatment modalities in endstage renal disease. Specifically he focused on further technical development of hemodialysis. The Bernd Tersteegen award was established following the death of Dr. Tersteegen in 1995. The prize is
awarded internationally for basic and particularly for clinical research related o chronic renal insufficiency and to advances in treatment of endstage renal disease.

The annual award of 8000 Euro is usually given to a single applicant but may be shared under certain circumstances. Applicants should be physicians, researchers, or engineers who are involved in research in the area of renal
failure and renal replacement therapy. Only research papers that have been published in 2014 or 2015 or have not yet been published are suitable for submission. Papers should be written in German or English. Review articles,
dissertations, university habilitation works and manuscripts already entered in ther competitions may not be submitted.
Groups of authors, who submit a work, must agree to the designation of a single speaker for the group. The written consent of all co-authors of a paper to the designation of the speaker must accompany the application.

An abbreviated curriculum vitae, a list of publications to date and a confirmation that this work has not participated in any other competitions should also be submitted.

The work must be submitted by July 15, 2015 in an electronic
format by post or E-mail to the following address:
Verband Deutsche Nierenzentren (DN) e.V.
Immermannstraße 65 A
40210 Düsseldorf, Germany

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