Performing nephrological research? Join PLAN!

Platform AIOs and post-docs Nephrology connects enthusiastic PhD students, post-docs and other young researchers from Dutch medical centers.

PLAN aims to:

  • promote contact among researchers performing kidney-related research performing kidney-related research
  • provide knowledge on nephrological research taking place in Dutch medical centers
  • organise education for researchers about the kidney and kidney diseases

To achieve these goals, all kind of events are organised. Our main events are the PLAN days; symposia in each university medical center (UMC). These symposia, with free admission, are held twice a year and provide enthusiastic presentations about the research being conducted in the organising medical center. In addition, the PLAN days offer the perfect opportunity to get in touch with fellow researchers!

Other events PLAN organises are presentations and workshops during the Dutch Kidney Foundation’s Winterschool and Dutch Nephrology Days (NND), and of course social drinks during congresses such as the ERA-EDTA and ASN. To keep you updated, events will be outlined in our Newsletter (link naar meest recente).

PLAN activities are generously supported by its parent organisation, the Dutch Federation for Nephrology (NFN). For only €20 per year (reduced fee) you can become an NFN-PLAN member and we can keep organising our PLAN activities!

The PLAN board consists of one representative from each UMC. Here you can see the current board member (figuur) If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or check our Facebook page.

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